June 3, 2015….. Change it up!!

Woke up pretty late today. Ate my favorite breakfast today. 3 eggs whites, 1 whole wheat flour tortilla, ¼ cup of fat-free cheese and my mama’s chile. Did my 2 FitSticks before 3pm today. Then did the waiting game. Finally at about 5:30 I was able to go to the gym. And man! Let me tell ya! I had the most fun today than I have ever had in the past. Skipped lunch, And ate a wonderful delicious dinner! Of course cos it was made by my mother! The diet calls for 6oz of chicken breast, but I didn’t feel like cutting or I don’t even know how to measure it. So I ate a 8oz grilled chicken breast, topped with Mrs. Dash Lemon and garlic Pepper, and in between 2 whole wheat buns with 1/4 cup of fat-free cheese. Went over on the calories for dinner. I could have done without the buns, but since I had not eaten all day, I kind of figured I would make up for it then. But it was so worth it!  


I switched things up today. My normal routine is do 30 minutes of cardio on this machine that resembles me climbing stairs and swinging my legs at the same time. Then I go to the weight room and pull up my workout for the day. Today I changed it up. I didn’t want to run out of time because in the past it would take me about 3 hours to do 30 minutes of cardio and the weight room. Now I am familiar with the equipment and I run through it more quickly. So the one I pulled up today worked my whole body. Which was good. But to me it felt like it was lacking something. I think I only burned like 468 calories or so. I was a little disappointed, so I figured I would make up for it in the cardio room. But something caught my ears! Haha. I heard music coming from this basketball court and people hoot and hollering. I watched from the window at first, then finally went inside. I am so glad I did. I liked what I saw. FUN! Enjoyment! I was enjoying Zumba!!! One of the instructors told me to get in and try it. At first I was hesitant since I have no rhythm whatsoever. I guess that 50% of my Hispanic race does not kick in when it comes to dancing. After a while of watching, this lady told me to get in there. Best thing I ever did. It was so much fun and things that I didn’t know could burn, BURNED! I will admit that I didn’t give it 100%, but next time, I will most definitely will. I did Zumba for about 30 min. And I sweated more in those 30 minutes than I did lifting weights. I can’t say enough how much fun it was. Now as for the instructors, LOVE THEM!!! So motivating, so emotional, wonderful!!! They were both really engaging with the music as well as their students. In the past, when the YMCA had Zumba, I wanted to try it. My cousin from Port Orchard made it look so fun and easy, not to mention he looks damn good doing it too! So I wanted to try it. I was bored. The instructors at the time were not motivating enough, and it looked like a mundane routine. There was no hooting or hollering, it was bland. I guess when it comes to Zumba, it all depends on your instructor. If you have a damn good instructor, like these two and my cousin, then it is very motivating. I am definitely going back for some more. It was very addicting.

So anybody looking for a change up in their workout routine, I suggest you try Zumba! I was smiling the whole time!

Till next time!!!


June 3, 2015…another lazy day

Today I woke up pretty early. But stayed in bed. I couldn’t really take it anymore since I had so much energy, so I got up. I ate some raumen noodles, which I found out some interesting info while cooking them. I had no clue that half of the packet is 1 serving. And the whole packet is 2. And I am so use to eating 2 packets total! So I was pretty much eating for 4 people!!! Wow! I only ate half today. A total of 190 calories. Not bad, but I did slack off today. Which I hate doing so much. I wanted to go to the gym as soon as I got up, but I that didn’t happen.

I am pretty excited though. I was getting dressed just now and I found some random shorts that didn’t quite fit me before. And guess what? THEY FIT!! They are actually really loose on me. Before I would just tie them because the Velcro never worked or never entirely covered me up. But now I can Velcro them and they still fit loose! I am going to keep doing what I am doing, even though I do not see a change. But something is working!

For dinner. Wow for dinner I ate something wonderful! My mom made, or attempted to make this recipe we saw online. It was the best thing ever. I couldn’t count the calories on it, but it was sooooo worth it! We saw a slow pot roast online. She made it with ribs, broccoli and cauliflower, potatoes, all mixed with gravy. It was heaven. Pretty much ate that for dinner. Too bad I didn’t get a picture. I didn’t go overboard though. I ate only one small bowl. Amazingly, I was full after that bowl. I can now eat small portions and be full. Before I probably would have eaten at least 3-4 bowls. Yay! I am proud of myself!

Except for later. A friend asked to meet up at a local bar/restaurant. I was hesitant at first since the place was local and I really couldn’t count my calories. I only had 2 beers and we shared some nachos. I ate the avocado part and some cheese, and it was covered in black beans. So maybe it wasn’t bad after all?

But I didn’t go to the gym after all. Such a bummer. But I will tomorrow!!!

Till next time!!!

Review: Rapid Ramen Cooker

20150602_100557The other day I purchased something that I have been eyeing for quite some time now. I first saw it at Target for $4.99. Then I found it at Hastings for almost $16! Went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and purchased it for $9.99. I kind of figured, what the heck, why not. It doesn’t go well with my diet plan but I still wanted to try it.

The one I purchased has two bowls in there. A red and a black bowl. There aren’t any clear instructions on the box or a paper to tell you anything, even though the instructions are pretty clear. The bowls do have some instructions printed on them. So I tried it.20150602_100829I filled the Ramen cooker with water until the fill line. And since the proper serving is 1/2 of the packet, that is what I put in there. The instructions say to leave in for 3-4 minutes. I had to leave it in there for about 5-6 minutes. I guess it depends on the microwave you use. But so far I think it is ok. Definitely not a rapid cooker. But I can deal with it!    20150602_100859

June 1st…..A new month, A new me!

So, I know this is kind of late. But better late than never! The 1st of the month was another crazy day. I actually did get my Fitsticks in, almost back to back. Then I went to the gym. One of my favorite places to be now.

I use to hate going because I felt so embarrassed and out of place. That is why I like going to the YMCA. There are all types of people there, old, young, big, small, muscular and so on. When I first got there, I felt intimidated. Like if people were all staring at the fat girl, trying to figure out what I was doing there. But it got better. However, I would swim only if someone would go with me. I never actually went to the gym or cardio room. It was scary. But I wanted a change. I wanted to be healthier. And swimming wasn’t doing it for me. I finally spoke with some people there and asked about the ActivTrax and what all it does. I got a trainer that helped out a lot! He worked with me and joked with me and made me feel welcomed. It was encouraging. So since then, I have been able to go to the gym by myself and not feel like everyone is watching.

Ok, so I wandered off there a bit. Now for food. What I ate. NOTHING! Well not really. I ate nothing for breakfast and lunch. I worked out and lost about 868 calories. As for dinner, my mom wanted a burger. From What-a-Burger. Hmmmmm, bad choice. I did count the calories and was way below my 1200 count. Especially after adding the 868. But what I did not expect was to get sick. I guess since I have been eating healthy, anything greasy or fattening is going to make me sick. Is it? After that I just went to bed. Nothing else to eat. So I pretty much did not make my 120 calorie for the beginning of the month. So my question is: do you have to eat what you worked out? Is it bad that I don’t eat? Just some questions to think about.

Till next time!!!

Day 5….not so much

So day 5. Not how I was planning it to be. The day was suppose to start with me taking my doggie to the groomers then coming home, taking a FitStick, eating then hitting the gym. However it was more of dropping off my dog, then going to Hastings, and buying tons of books, then Office Depot, then Bed, Bath & Beyond. I got the phone call that my baby girl was ready, went and got her, then came home. No breakfast, no lunch, and no water all day. For some reason it sucked, haha. I felt completely drained after I got home. I was sluggish, tired, and I actually took a nap. I think these FitSticks really work when it comes to giving energy. Cos I did not take them today and I felt like crap. But tomorrow is a new day! I will start again and hopefully not fail. And Since I didn’t do the gym today, I will definitely go tomorrow and hit it hard. I miss it actually. My arms don’t but I do, haha. So today will be a short blog. All I can conclude is that without my daily FitStick, I feel tired. I haven’t weighted myself yet, but that is another blog.

Till next time!!!

Skipped Day 3……Now Day 4!

Wow! What a day yesterday! I don’t even know where to begin. I didn’t get to log anything or even eat properly. So the night before, the 28th, I didn’t get to sleep until about 4am. I wasn’t sleep, in fact I still had so much energy to burn. That is something I noticed on the support board for FitSticks, people having so much energy that they can’t sleep. Then that messes up their next day. Well that happened to me. I still had lots to burn!!! Then the next day, 29th, I woke up late and got really lazy. Didn’t take any of my meds, took my FitSticks late and almost back to back, and totally missed breakfast. I still wanted to hit the gym either way, but then I remembered: my doggies had an appointment to get their shots. Went shopping afterwards, which I realized I need a supervisor to go with cos I buy random crap I don’t need. When I came home, that is when crap hit the fan. I won’t get into too much detail. But the only thing I will say is this: Cyber bullying and bullying sucks. I saw it first had yesterday online yesterday, and when I tried to defend the kid, I pretty much got chewed out. By the kid I was defending and the parent’s family, but the parents never confronted me. They just unfriended me and blocked me. What the parents were bullying their kid about? Whether or not he was gay. Please do not bully people based on their sexual orientation, weight, age, race or anything like that. Our human race is trying to advance in this world, and people like that are just holding others back. It hit me hard because I have family and friends that are gay, and whom I love very much. And it bothers me that others don’t see them as human, or see them as a joke. But that is what I was going through last night. Arguing with ignorant, childish adults. I forgot to eat, I forgot that I was hungry. But I am now awake, bright-eyed and bushy tailed and ready for a new day. I am going to get rid of negativity in my life, and if that means deleting people from my life, then BUH-BYE!

Day 4!!! Since I totally missed yesterday. I was suppose to eat a smoothie, but opted for another healthy breakfast burrito. Since it was quick and easy. So today I will try (TRY) and smoothie. However, right now is still early for eating, I will hit the gym since they close early today. Gotta go!!

Oh! And does anybody know what I can do for stretch marks? I guess because I have lost weight previously, I have them. At least I think they are stretch marks? I am currently using this cream, Firming Butter, which it claims to firm and tone, to tighten the skin. But it says nothing about stretch marks.


Just got home from the gym. What a work out! I could have stayed longer but I have plans for tonight and I have to get ready. Otherwise, I would have stayed till they closed. I did 30 minutes of cardio on this Stairmaster thing. I am not sure of the actual name. But I LOVE IT!!! It really burns a lot and I can feel it in my thighs and legs. On that thing I burned a tad bit more calories than the day before yesterday. I had burned 299 in 30 minutes. Today I burned 307 in 30. After the Stairmaster thing, I chugged down a 28oz bottle of my lemon cucumber water and started again! Today instead of doing 1 hour of cardio, I did 30 min and then I hit the weight room. I use this machine called ActivTrax. Anybody heard of it? I think it is great for people that have never worked out in a gym or know anything about weights. I use it so it can tell me what machines to use, how much weight to add and how many reps. Each day focuses on something different. Today was the chest. It really worked out my arms, even though it said chest. At the end I input all the reps I did and all that good stuff, and the machine calculates who many calories I lost for that work out. Today was 541. Totaling everything together, 848! But even after leaving there, I still had energy. I guess these FitSticks really work, well, for energy anyways. I haven’t weighted myself yet, so it is too soon to find out if they work for weight.

Now on to food. Nothing really to report now. I skipped breakfast, again, and I am just now having lunch. A turkey sandwich.


Just got home from meeting my friend. It was fun! I do feel a bit guilty for eating what I did. I ate a 12oz Ribeye steak from Applebee’s OMG!!!! It was delicious. And the fries! Are to die for (hopefully I don’t)! And I actually ate the veggies! Before I found we were going out, I asked my friend where exactly we were eating so I can go online and check the calories on everything and see what I can eat and what I have room for. Thank goodness Applebee’s had the nutrition information on there. I did go way over on dinner, 1360 calories. But I actually made up for what I didn’t eat for breakfast and for what I worked out. So I am technically still in my 1200 calorie range. And with 348 calories left to go. Too bad it is after the 8 hour eating schedule. While at Applebee’s, boy did I have to pee. I sat there and held it until I couldn’t no longer. It was majorly painful. Pain I have never felt before. Was it the 2 – 28oz of water I had chugged down at the gym? Or all my water weight? Hopefully it is leaving my body and I will weigh less. I technically have one day left with this 1200 calories diet. Then I will move up to 1300. I love this new change! Sure I miss all the greasy food. All the chili fries, tacos, pizza and what not. And I can honestly say that they are cheaper to make. But eating healthy makes me feel so much better. When I would eat the junk food, I can feel so many bad things. My heart would race after I ate, I would feel sluggish and guilty for consuming so much. Especially if they were bad for my body. With the healthy food, and the FitSticks, I feel like I am worth it. I feel alive again, like I can run a marathon! We can start to drink whatever after the 5 days, but I haven’t had cokes, teas, or anything sweet in so long that I don’t miss it. I think I will stick to water. Maybe flavor it a bit with fruit and veggies. But BYE BYE sodas! The only thing I miss is my alcohol! My red wines and beer and cocktails. How I miss them so badly (no, I am not and alcoholic). ONE MORE DAY! I really really hope I lost some weight. I really don’t see it. Ok then….

Till next time!!!

May 28, 2015 – Day 2 of fit challenge……

So today is day 2 of the fit5 challenge. Yesterday I survived. Not much of a crash since the claim is that you get really high off caffeine. I felt great! Very active throughout the day. Ate my breakfast, lunch, a snack then I cheated! OMG!!!! I cheated. I went over on my 1200 calorie diet. My aunt and uncle took me to buy some new shoes. Then they stopped at a Chick-fil-a. Soooooo temping, and temptation won. I did try to stick to staying under a certain amount of calories. The grilled chicken sandwich on a whole wheat bun with lettuce and tomatoes. Only 320 calories. When I ordered, I didn’t realize that I picked the meal, which came with WAFFLE FRIES!!!! So that pretty much added 400 more calories. 720 calories for dinner! I did hit the gym and worked off 325 calories. Does that count? I had so much energy! No drag after the workout, even went to the mall with my aunt and uncle to buy shoes!!! But I still felt guilty about eating that sandwich. Goal: 1200 calories. Final: 1340 calories.

One thing that I felt pretty good about was that I drank 1 gallon worth of water throughout the day. Part of this program requires me to drink half my body weight in water. No clue why, but it does. So that means another app that reminds me to drink! That is a lot more water than I usually drink before I started this program. I kind of mix it up. I drink regular ice water or my detox water with the cucumbers, lemons and mint. I think I am addicted to that stuff! It is actually really good. If you haven’t tried it, then you should. They call it the Flat Belly Detox. DEE-LISH!!!!


Now on to my breakfast. Today’s meal: Burrito. Made of a whole wheat tortilla, 3 egg whites, and ¼ of fat-free cheese and of course my wonderful water. I did top it off with a few drops of Tabasco. Actually a lot of drops of Tabasco! Since it doesn’t have any calories, it is a free food!!


So that meal was supposed to be a total of 261 calories, according to the program menu. But after scanning all the little barcodes for each product I used, the total, according to MyFitnessPal was 196. I don’t really understand how they figured those calories, unless they are using different products. I will need to ask. I hope they don’t tell me not to rely on MyFitnessPal, I find it very helpful.


Dinner time!!!!! Just got home from the gym and wow! I used a different machine today. It was wonderful and deadly at the same time. I lost more calories on that one machine than I did from the 2 machines combined yesterday. Actually I am exaggerating a bit. But it was great! I definitely going to focus more on that one in the future. As for dinner, I cooked up a sirloin steak (4 oz) and one cup of fresh green beans. The calories topped at 293, but is suppose to be 333. 20150528_194517

Hmmmm interesting. I think I failed on this day thou. I changed up my schedule. Instead of eating at 9 in the morning, I ate at 12 in the afternoon. There is an 8 hour time frame I need to follow, no eating after those 8 hours. Boooooo, but if it helps then I’m all for it! So ate breakfast, worked out, then ate dinner. In a rush….

Hmmm something missing? Oh yes, lunch! I skipped lunch because I got out too late at the gym and then these crazy storms forced me to make dinner before the lights decide to go out. So I ate luch at about 8ish? Same as yesterday, turkey sandwich.

Well I believe that is all I have to report today. No new symptoms or crazy ones! I do feel real energetic. I have not seen any difference in size or weight, but I understand this takes time. Perfection is not created over night! I weight and measure myself next week. so tempting to check now, but I don’t want to be disappointed.

Till next time!!!